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CCD cameras with shutter
CCD cameras for direct detection (<20 keV)
QCM-D accessories and consumables
High-throughput bright-field scanner
Flexible quartz crystal microbalance system
Fully automated quartz crystal microbalance system
Basic Raman system
Superior confocal Raman imaging system
Combined Raman and scanning nearfield optical microscopy (SNOM) system
Raman, AFM and SNOM all-in-one system
Large area profilometry for topographic Raman imaging
Automated 3D Raman imaging system
Basic Confocal Raman Microscope
High-end thermography cameras
High-throughput bright field and fluorescence scanner
Nanoscale surface characterization system
Correlative Raman imaging and scanning electron microscopy (Raman-SEM)
Ultra high-speed rotating mirror framing camera systems
Motorized Czerny-Turner spectrographs
SNOM, confocal microscopy and AFM system
Chemical and nanoscale imaging system
Vacuum spectrographs for VUV and XUV / EUV spectroscopy
NIR compact camera
SWIR spectral camera
MWIR spectral camera
LWIR spectral camera
Multipoint spectrometers
Hyperspectral single core scanner
Spin coater
EMCCD cameras
VIS/NIR spectral cameras
VIS/NIR compact camera
VIS/NIR all-in-one compact camera
Echelle spectrograph
Solar simulators
Digital laser power probes
Analog laser power probes
sCMOS cameras
Spectroradiometer 250 - 900 nm and 360 - 850 nm
NIR spectroscopy with photo diode array
Digital power meter kit
Hand-held light meter & optometer
Illuminance spectrophotometer
Cameras and detectors for time-resolved imaging and spectroscopy
Light measurement detectors
Thermal image plates
Beam probes
CO, HF and DF laser spectrum analyzer
CO2 laser spectrum analyzer
Datalogging optometer
Research radiometer with Wifi
IR sources
Vacuum nanoindenter
High-performance CCD detectors
Nanoindenter NanoTest CORE Range
Cryogenic temperature controllers
IR polarizers for NIR, MIR and FIR
Window polishing kit
High-pressure liquid cells
High-pressure high-temperature cell
Heating jackets for transmission measurements on liquids and solids & accessories
Variable temperature cell for temperatures from -190 °C to 250 °C & accessories
Cell holders for rectangular and Nujol cells
Oil-in-water set
Heated storage cabinet up to 80 °C
Storm heatable 10 cm gas cell
5 & 10 cm gas cells
Long-path gas cells
Diamond compression cell & beam condensor
Preadjusted diffuse reflectance accessory
Environmental chamber for Selector diffuse reflectance accessory
Diffuse reflectance accessory - Selector
Variable angle ATR - 25x reflection
Multi-reflection ATR - Gateway
Single reflection diamond ATR - Quest
Single reflection diamond ATR - Golden Gate
30° fixed angle specular reflectance accessory
Monolayer/ grazing angle specular reflectance accessory
Mini lab press
Manual hydraulic press
8 t/ 15 t/ 25 t power assisted hydraulic press
Evacuable press dies
Evacuable integrated mini press and die system
Lightweight press dies
Sample grinding mill
Mini Film Maker Kit
Atlas constant thickness film maker up to 300 °C
High-temperature film maker for temperatures up to 400 °C
Electrically heated platens
Film holders
Card mount for thin films
Automated 8 t/15 t/25 t/40 t power assisted hydraulic press
Liquid analyser
Liquid cells & IR windows
Benchtop NMR MQC analyzer
Short introduction: nanoindentation
FLX Flexus thin film stress measurement systems
The FP Profiler for large samples
Low-noise CCD detectors
MSH-300 with variable slits & MSH-300F with fixed slits
MSH-150 with variable slits & MSH-150F with fixed slits
MSHD-300 with variable slits & MSHD-300F with fixed slits
FC-Series - Fibre-coupled CCD cameras
Application: In-situ TEM
LV-Series - For low-voltage TEM applications
Small NIR camera with short integration time
Particle size analyzer
EMCCD detectors for spectroscopy
Cameras for indirect detection (>20 keV)
Neutral density filter sets
Flexible small near infrared camera
Uncooled thermal camera
Fast large format camera covering visible to near infrared
Standard near infrared camera
Small, uncooled near infrared camera
High performance NIR camera
Fast large formate near infrared camera
Compact near infrared camera
Cooled mid infrared camera
Small camera covering visible to near infrared
Cooled camera covering visible to near infrared
Small uncooled camera covering visible to near infrared
Bi-concave lenses
Bi-convex lenses
Plano concave lenses
Plano convex lenses
IV measurement station
Compact SWIR camera
Low-light level near infrared camera
Tunable monochromatic light sources
Motorized Filter Wheel
Astronomy/UVBRI filters
Monochromator order sorting filters
Heat control filters
Arc light sources
Halogen light sources
Optical filters for light sources
Standard Long Wave Pass Filters
Infrared Windows and Substrates
Custom infrared coatings
Infrared Neutral Density Filters
Broadband AR Coating on Germanium
Semi-custom bandpass filters
Hard Coat Broadband Filters
High-transmitting bandpass filters
Metallic Neutral Density Filters
Steep-Edge Longpass Filters
Absorptive Neutral Density Filters
Threaded Filter Rings
Temperature Controller
Edge filters
Dichroic filters and sets
Calibration filter sets
Fiber optic light sources
Light sources for calibration
Light source accessories
Standard bandpass filters and sets
Deuterium light sources
Raman spectroscopy filters
Uniform sources
Standard infrared bandpass filters
Colored glass filters
Spectroradiometer 200 - 450 nm and 250 - 1050 nm
Imaging spectrograph NIR and SWIR
Research picoammeter with Wifi
Diaphragm vacuum pump
Imaging spectrograph MWIR
Airborne continuous VNIR and SWIR hyperspectral system
Hyperspectral drill core imaging station
Hyperspectral chemical imaging analyzer
Compact airborne VNIR and eNIR hyperspectral system
Airborne thermal hyperspectral system
Airborne fluorescence hyperspectral imaging system
Ultra high-speed gated intensified framing camera systems
Ultra high-speed rotating mirror streak camera systems
Ultra high-speed image converter stream camera systems
Wire-grid polarizing beam splitter cube
Modified magnetron ET filter sets
Wire-grid polarizing beam splitter plate
Imaging spectrographs VIS and VisNIR
DE-Series - Direct detection cameras
Thermographic NDE
Advanced thermography for in-service inspection
Complete thermographic inspection solution
Thermographic turbine test station
High-throughput transmission grating spectrograph
Hartmann-Shack wavefront sensor
Application: Material science
Carbon nanotube characterization
Manual single grating spectrograph
UV polarizers 190 - 400 nm
Visible light polarizers 420 - 700 nm
Infrared polarizers 700 - 2500 nm
Stand-alone X-ray cameras
Ultra broadband polarizers
Pixelated polarizers
Inorganic absorptive polarizers
Optical tweezers
Belt UV radiometers 250 - 400 nm and 205 - 345 nm
Dielectric notch filters
Laser line filters
Application: Biological Cryo-EM
Silicon infrared polarizers 3000 - 15000 nm
IR sample cards & polystyrene film


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