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Short introduction: Ellipsometry
FTIR ellipsometer IR-VASE
Ellipsometer for texture Si solar cells T-Solar
Fast spectroscopic ellipsometer M-2000
Economic high precision table top ellipsometer Alpha-SE
Dual rotating compensator ellipsometer RC2
Widest spectral range ellipsometer VASE
Spectroscopic ellipsometer for Vacuum Ultra Violet: VUV-VASE
In-situ spectroscopic ellipsometer iSE
Magnetic field platform
Photo lithography systems
Closed-cycle optical cryostat
MPMS3 SQUID magnetometer
Kerr magnetometer
Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM) with electromagnet
Ferromagnetic resonance spectroscopy (FMR)
Advanced technology helium gas purifier
Advanced technology helium liquefier
AC Susceptometer
Closed-cycle optical cryostat with intermediate sample chamber and integrated cold sample electronics size
Closed-cycle optical cryostat with breadboard
Ultra stable closed-cycle optical cryostat
Helium recovery and liquefaction plants
3D optical surface profiler with smart PSI and true color measurements
Portable, cryogen-free material characterization platform
Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS)
Physical Property Measurements in a cryogen-free system (PPMS DynaCool)
Cryogenic temperature monitors
Cryogenic temperature sensors
Cryogenic accessories
3D metrology of aspheric surfaces
2 and 4 mirror infrared single crystal furnace
Phase shifting Fizeau interferometer
Phase shifting Fizeau interferometer with vibration tolerant algorithm
White light interferometer for roughness
White light interferometer for general purposes
White light interferometer automated for production
Wavelength shifting Fizeau interferometer for multi surface cavities
Phase shifting Fizeau interferometer with ring light source
Dynamic metrology
Interferometer optimized for production metrology
Cryogenic Probe Station
Adiabatic Demagnetisation Refrigerators (ADR) and Dilution Refrigerators (DR)


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