Electron microscopy roadshow 2018


On the roadshow 2018 LOT presents latest developments in electron microscopy. With the combination of best practice lectures and live demonstrations the attendees will have the opportunity to focus on questions around sample preparation, high resolution imaging and analysis.


Presented Products:

Thermo Fisher Scientific
: High-resolution imaging and with the Phenom desktop electron microscopes
Quorum: Sample preparation, drying and coating
DENSsolutions: In-situ TEM-Systems
Deben: Accessories for SEM/TEM and µXRF
GEtec: AFSEM in-situ AFM in a SEM
and much more

• What are influencing factors for high-quality SEM images?
• EDS-Analysis: Basics, tips and tricks
• Sample preparation (plasma cleaning, drying, coating)
• In-situ-experiments in a TEM
• In-situ-AFM integrated in a SEM

Take the chance to test the Phenom SEM with own samples and form you own opinion. The diversity of lectures dedicates the roadshow to both first-time and experienced users. If you plan to bring your own samples for live tests please be so kind to contact Ms. Katharina Seehöfer in advance.

For your online registration please be so kind to use the link “Registration”
Your attendance is free of charge and not binding.

After registration we will send your a confirmation including the exact location address.

Our SEM and TEM experts are looking forward to meet you soon.

Meet our colleagues:

Katharina Seehöfer
Sales Administrator - Electron microscopy
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Dominic Vogt
Product Manager - Electron microscopy
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Fax: +49 6151 88069557
Andreas Bergner
Product Manager - Electron microscopy & nanotechnology
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