Belt UV radiometers 250 - 400 nm and 205 - 345 nm

ILT490 from International Light Technologies

The new ILT490 includes a vacuum phototube and incorporates the measurement capabilities. Exceptional performance criteria of the original IL390 and IL290 UV curing light bug, with the improved features of the ILT400, including profiling, graphing, cost reduction rechargeable batteries and A400 charger are also included. The ILT490 works with many lamp options from iron-doped, H and D type lamps, as well as standard UV sources. The ILT490 all-in-one belt radiometer, comes in two versions: the ILT490 broadband UV for 250-400 nm, and the ILT490C UVC for 205-345 nm (see graph below).

Special ”O” software is available for low light level applications for 1 mW/cm² to 2.5 W/cm² with profiling at 10 mW/cm².

NIST-traceable calibration
Integrated exposure (J/cm2)
Peak irradiance (W/cm2)
Baseline profile memory
Current-baseline % difference
Dose range5 mJ - 20 J/cm2
Temperature range10 °C - 60 °C (maximum internal case temperature)
Irradiance range5 mW/cm2 - 20 W/cm2
AccuracyTypically better than 6%
Cosine receptorIntegrating sphere
Display4 significant digits
Display graphicsResolves 5% of full scale (peak irradiance)
Size12.7 x 111 x 161 mm


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